About us

Association of Finnish University and Research Establishment Staff YHL protects the interests of personnel working at universities and other research institutions. It ensures that salaries are fair, fixed-term employment contracts have valid grounds, and that the employer follows agreements on matters such as working hours, equality, and occupational health and safety.

YHL has 17 member associations and approximately 5 500 members. In addition to Finnish universities our members work also in the Academy of Finland, Finnish National Board of Education, Unigrafia, Aalto Executive Education, National Repository Library, Certia and The Emergency Services College. Our members consists mainly of administrative and support personnel.

YHL is one of the largest trade unions within the Federation of Salaried Employees Pardia and a member of the Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK.

What we do

  • YHL negotiates the salaries and the terms and conditions of university staff with the representatives of the employer.
  • YHL agrees on specifications on the terms and conditions of work at the Academy of Finland, National Board of Education, National Repository Library and the Emergency Services College.
  • YHL negotiates the collective agreements for Aalto Executive Education, Certia, Unigrafia and TAY Services.
  • YHL influences the personnel policies, working conditions and decision makers of Finnish universities, companies and other institutions related to higher education and research.
  • YHL promotes equality in all of its activities.
  • YHL’s achievements include inter alia negotiating the first collective agreement for IT personnel as well as the inclusion of unified working time to the general collective agreements of universities.

Values and aims

YHL is a responsible and reliable trade union. Our expertise is based on extensive knowledge on all fields of work conducted within universities and other institutions related to research and higher education. We follow and assess our own work and level of knowledge and develop them according to the needs imposed by working life and supervision of the interests of our members.


  • The development of working life must take into consideration the needs and interests of the employees and work communities.
  • The rules of working life must promote good and secure work and work community.
  • Fair conditions and just salaries belong to everyone.


Transparency and reliability

  • Actions and communication support each other.
  • Information is based on facts.
  • Communication is transparent.


  • Promotion of equality and fairness in working life is heavily emphasised in YHL’s activities. We promote and protect the interests of our members equally regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, profession or any other similar factor.